SARAB Al Areen
Bowaitat Al Fereej

Bowaitat Al Fereej:


This project is a new concept conceived and developed by Caprealco. This Project at Sanad and various other locations in Bahrain will be to provide affordable housing to families by providing all the basic amenities at reasonable cost. The first project is scheduled in the Kingdom of Bahrain then more projects are planned in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, followed by Central and Western provinces. In current real estate market conditions this project has minimum risk, and there is big demand for such houses in the GCC market. More than 50% of GCC population is under the age of 25 years and the shortage of dwelling units in this niche market puts Caprealco as a leading real estate company in this housing segment.

Talks for Joint development with other land owners to complete similar projects are also underway in many other areas of Bahrain and beyond.

Bowaitat Alfeerej project, the affordable houses in Bahrain started with the development of the first phase at Sanad area which represents 30% of the projects size. The Second Phase, which represent 70% of the project is being negotiated with some other property owners to participate in the project. The idea is to acquire 25% of their raw lands and then Caprealco works on subdivision of the land. Caprealco will develop own 25% to build the affordable houses which will immediately rise the price of the rest of the land and then Caprealco will share the profit with the property owners by selling the rest of the land.

 Project Brief
  • The project is situated at Sanad Area within the Central Governance of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The project consists of 92 attached housing units distributed on three Blocks; Block A, B and C.
  • Each block consists of different designs, sizes and prices.
  • Unit Price starts from BD 42,000 to BD 85,000
  • Unit built up areas starts from 110 to 213 square meters
  • Unit lot area areas starts from 72 to 160 square meters
 Project Master Plan
  Project Location
 Project Perspective Pictures

 Project Designs

a. Block “A”:

i. Block “A” Master Plan

ii. Block “A”

Type (1): 2 units design

iii. Block “A”

Type (2): 4 units design

iv. Block “A”

Type (3): 18 units design

b. Block “B”:

i. Block “B” Master Plan:


ii. Block “B”
Type (1): 4 Different Designs

iii. Block “B”
Type (2): Prototype Design


iv. Block “B”
Type (3): North Corner Design:

v. Block “B”
Type (4): South Corner Design


c. Block “C”:
i. Block “C” Master Plan:

ii. Block “C” Type (1) : Prototype Design

iii. Block “C” Type (2): 8 Units Design

iii. Block “C” Type (2): 8 Units Design